Public Speaking for Children & Teens - Company Message

Public Speaking
Most children, teens and parents recognise the importance of strong communication skills. Public speaking is now assessed as part of the GCSE syllabus in English classes; it is an essential skill when preparing class presentations; and is invaluable when attending interviews and getting access to the best jobs. Public speaking is ultimately an essential part of everyday life, and from a very young age. This is why our classes run from age 5 through to age 18. 
Some children and teens are naturally confident and have no issues with putting forward a personal view when working in groups at school or being able to read aloud confidently to a class of peers; whilst others find it more difficult. At Articulate we recognise a child / teens' individual ability and work on personal improvement. Whilst some children and teens will be working initially towards building confidence, others will be developing the art of effective and persuasive delivery when speaking publicly.  At Articulate we guarantee the personal improvement of every child.
Our classes cover poetry reading, extracts, monologues, presentations and debating. The Articulate classes offer children and teens the opportunity to perform public speaking on a weekly basis, to a personal tutor and a small group of familiar peers. We hope that by consistently performing on a regular basis and obtaining feedback from an experienced tutor, students will find public speaking becomes second nature!